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Rehoboth Townland- Communal land that is aimed to accommodate Small Scale Farmers and Agricultural farmers.

How to apply (Grazing & Agriculture plots):

  1. Write a letter to the Chief Executive Officer requesting to be granted the right to lease.
  2. Indicate your intentions clearly.

Procedures to be followed

Grazing Charges

The monthly charges are as per the gazette tariff.

The grazing charges for the FY 2021/2022 is a fixed amount of N$500.00 per month.

Sand mining

Sand Mining tariff for 2021\2022 are as follow:

Household Purposes (Own Transport )N$ 110.00
Household Purposes (Transport provided)N$ 150.00
Construction (Own transport)N$ 300.00
Construction ( Transport Provided )N$ 400.00
Gravel (Household)N$ 150.00
Gravel (Construction & Institutions)N$ 200.00
Penalty Levy: Illegal sand mining (Household)N$ 8,300.00
Penalty Levy: Illegal sand mining (Businesses, Institutions)N$ 15,450.00

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