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No discount tariffs has been approved on electricity only on conventional meters.

Every after the 15th of each month.

If you defaulted payments.

You will still receive an invoice as , the prepaid meter is just for water usage. However , client still have to pay for municipal rates and taxes.

Once the disconnection list is run, everyone in the Cut off list, have to pay reconnection fee, we can’t simply cut everyone at one go, but we however have to disconnect all of them.
  • When your account is in arrears and you would like to make arrangements for payment.
  • When your water or electricity is disconnected and you would like to be reconnected.
  • To have your credit check done when applying for connection of services.
  • When you are applying for renewal of your fitness certificate.
  • For residential accounts, your services will be disconnected if your account is in arrears for 15 days or more.
  • Businesses accounts are not allowed to be in arrears.
  • For your services to be reconnected, a minimum of thirty percent (30%) of your account must be paid if your services are disconnected for the first time.
  • If services are disconnected for a second time, 50% of the account is due before reconnection will be made, and;
  • If you had an arrangement and it was not honoured, a minimum of 50% of your account must be paid.
  • Any residential customer with a municipal account.
  • An arrangement may be made only by the owner of the account. No third parties may act on behalf of the owner.
  • No arrangements are allowed for business accounts.

Rehoboth Town Council will need up to 72 hours to re-open your services.


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